Simple Tassel How-To


1) Short (4”- 8”) piece of yarn, string, thread, or cloth strips

1) Long piece of yarn, string, thread, or cloth strips

1) Additional piece of strong yarn or thread to tie as final step

1) Rigid object to use as template to wrap around. This will determine the size of your tassel. Plastic cards like gift cards work well for smaller tassels where clipboards are great for large ones. You can even use the palm of your hand for a tassel sized uniquely to you.

1)  Place long thread on rigid template in vertical direction

2)  Secure short thread along horizontal top edge

3)  Wrap long thread around and around, making sure to always overlap the short thread.The more times you wrap, the bulkier your tassel will be. Remember, what you see on the front is doubled by the wrapped threads on the back. Also, it’s ok for the long threads to overlap one another.

4)  When you’ve reached the desired thickness stop wrapping. 

5)  Tie the short thread in a double knot or square knot. This will gather one end - which is now the top of your tassel.

6)  Along the bottom slide scissors along the card and the wrapped threads in front of the card and cut.


7)  With the additional piece of strong yarn or thread for final step, tie in very tight double knot or square knot just below top of tassel. This will secure loose ends of fringe.

8)  Place one end of this tie downward to include it with fringe. Tightly wrap second end of tie around entire tassel (including first end that is now fringe).

9)  Once you’ve tightly wrapped around tassel, secure with a knot by feeding loose end under previously wrapped section.

10)  Attach your name to the finished tassel!

Take a picture - tag me on Instagram ( and #makinfriendge.

4) Please mail the tassel to 

751 Old US Hwy 421, Sugar Grove, NC 28679 

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