Andrea Vail investigates contemporaryAmerican society and its objects -- specifically home goods deemedstylistically obsolete, or unattractive by the standards of 21st century mainstream culture to create sculpture and collaborative exchange. Her research explores trends of mass-production, habits of consumption and systems of artifice and authenticity.

Andrea is graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University (MFA) and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (BFA). Sheis a recipient of the North Carolina Arts Council Visual Artist Fellowship (2016-17); Goodyear Arts Residency (Charlotte, NC); and CultureWORKS Richmond Arts and Cultural District Micro Grant (Richmond, VA). Her recent projects include: COLLECTING_PILE, an interactive art work which involves the community as both content and collaborator; Friendge, an ongoing global invitation to collaborate; DancePartyPotty, aninteractive response to HB2 at McColl Center for Art + Innovation; Woven Community, a citywide weaving event (Richmond, VA); and Gathering Clouds at Anderson Gallery (Richmond, VA).



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