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Funding Request

Hi, I have an opportunity to create new work in a dream-come-true scenario and make in a completely unfamiliar and energizing way. With your support, during a month-long residency at Elsewhere in Greensboro, NC, I will build a site-specific installation from predetermined materials. 

Elsewhere self-describes as “a museum and artist residency set in a 3-floor, former, thrift store. With people and things, we build collaborative futures. We are a museum in an old thrift store housing one-woman’s 58-year inventory.” “Thrift store,” “people,” “things,” and “collaborative” are all key terms repeated in my artist statement, process, and approach to making. I will facilitate a project that draws from this inventory of ideas and materials, so it’s no surprise that I am thrilled! Even more exciting (and less common), is the chance to meet other artists who create with a similar visual language – three other artists from around the country will be in residence at the same time. 

(explore piece's progress here)

In an effort to offset costs I'm making a series of smaller (and more affordable) tapestries. 

$100-8" x 10"  |  $200-11" x 14"  |   $500-16"x 20"

Pre-order here!

*The first run of small tapestries will be complete in September 2018.

If you don't want a small tapestry, but still want to support... that's cool too!

Any amount

  • you'll receive a handwritten thank you card and lots of love while I'm at Elsewhere



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Curious about Elsewhere?

My current practice either engages people who often are not artists or crosses paths with makers who do not share my affinity for old objects and fabrics. Dialogue with artists who are inspired by these materials will be invaluable

Also important will be the month of dedicated time with a quick deadline to complete the piece. My individual works are almost always ongoing. One requirement of the residency is that you make with what is provided and you leave the finished piece on-site. This new approach will undoubtedly force me to strategize differently, bring new approaches back to my home studio, and propel my practice in new directions

My work deals with the trivial objects that Americans accumulate to find meaning in their lives and cycles between a private studio practice, then collaborating with the public. Both are necessary to feed the next piece. I’ve just concluded COLLECTING_PILE, a major community oriented work, which invited donations of things to be used as materials. It was through this project that I realized the unspoken component was the burden of accumulating. It is overwhelming. Ironically, I am going to a place filled with the same type of stuff to create a piece that is simpler and more sophisticated. I am interested to see the outcome of being completely surrounded by the stuff I am spurning and the systems of filtering out unnecessary materials. Ultimately, the experience will make me select materials in a more intentional way and better sustain my process

Timeline: June residency session, June 12 - July 10, 2018

Itemized project budget:

Residency Fee: $900
Travel to/from/during: $100
Total: $1,000

Follow the project and experience the residency with me! 

I will frequently update via #AVgoesElsewhere and on an updated website page... stay tuned!

Elsewhere hours and calendar:
Sat, June 16
5p - Artists' Talks | June Residents
6p - Members Mixer
7p - Community Dinner, RSVP REQUIRED More info at

Fri, July 6
6p-10p - First Friday Happening (Opening Reception)


Museum Open | Thur-Sat 1-10pm ($1-5 / free for members)
3-Floor Tour | Saturdays, 4pm ($5)

 ***Monthly (check online calendar for current dates, times & other pertinent info)
Artist Talks | Saturdays 5-6pm ($1-5 / free for members)

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