Friendge, an ongoing initiative, invites participation from the community to build an ornamental border which symbolizes inclusiveness rather than exclusivity.

Each tassel connected becomes fringe.

Here’s how it works:
1) Make one (or several!) tassel(s) – Any linear and malleable material will work, though if this is your first, stick with yarn, string, thread, or cloth strips

Never made a tassel before? Here's a simple tutorial
2) Post your progress to #makinfriendge

3) Please mail the tassel to: FRIENDGE, 751 Old Us Hwy 421, Sugar Grove, NC 28679

Also, if you're willing to provide your name and city, I will list you on my website as a contributor.

4) I will piece the tassels together to make one large sculpture.

Image: @davidhuffcreative

             Printable Instructions


Public Events


King Street Market 

Date: Tuesday, October 24 with Blue Ridge Fiber Guild; 4-6pm.

Blue Ridge Fiber Guild's mission is to share fellowship and inspiration with other people with any level of interest and ability in any fiber arts and crafts; to share knowledge and skills with each other and the surrounding community; to promote to the community the fiber arts and crafts; to provide opportunities for revenue for the guild and for its active members.


Wiregrass Museum of Art

Date: August 14, 2020 during House Party for Art

WMA presents House Party for Art, a virtual art, music, and tech festival on August 13-15, 2020


McDowell Arts Center

Dates: June 9 - July 3, 2019 (a workstation and instructions will be available for participation during the entirety of the exhibition)
Reception: Sunday, June 9, 2pm-4pm

Connect with Culture Days with Arts and Science Council

#CultureForAll \ #CLT250 \ #makinfriendge

Date: January 25, 2019
Time: 7-9pm
Location: 7th Street Public Market

Facebook event

Schedule of all events


A Day with SDA at Fuller Craft Museum

October 27, 2018

Friendge event, along with Adrienne Sloane's Vote on-site with and afternoon Lecture, “Words Matter,” by invited speaker, Stuart Kestenbaum

Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA


Friendge is traveling to Portland, OR! As part of Surface Design Association's 40th anniversary intensive, Making Our Mark Conference, the piece will be present in two iterations - on display and as a workshop.

The sculpture is exhibited in Crossing Generations: Past, Present & Future at Oregon College of Art and Craft.
News Release here.


During a hands-on session titled CollaborativeComponents: (OnePart Becomes More Substantial Through Collaboration). During this workshop I will provide with materials to make tassels,discuss the impact of small gestures, and explore strategies for collaborationin your communities.

Conference dates: August 3-6, 2017

Exhibition: July 10-August 5, 2017
Public Reception: August 5: , 4pm-6pm

Hoffman Gallery
8245 SW Barnes road
Portland, OR 97225


Friendge is included in In Esse, a group show, at  Emily Davis Gallery, Myers School of Art, 150 E. Exchange St., Akron, OH 
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 6th from 5-7p

Shelf Life Art & Supply Co. 2178 Lawndale Drive, Greensboro, NC 27408, June 18

Lore Emelio Studio 
111 New Bern St, Charlotte, NC - Mar 6 1p-4p, Apr 22 6p-8p, and Feb 24 10:30a-11:30a

BOOM 1920 Commonwealth Ave, Charlotte, NC, April 8-9


Wolfie and the Sneak Holiday Open Studio and Potluck - Dec 06 from 4p-6

Shelf Life Art + Supply Co.2134 1/2 Lawndale Drive, Greensboro, NC, On-going

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts (during SDA's Craft + Concept Intensive 2015, Made/Aware) - Oct 08 - Oct. 11

Schedule a Friendge Event

My goal is to include everyone!

Let's get together and make Friendge. Cultural institutions, schools, parks, neighborhood meeting areas…  Curious how you can bring Friendge to your town? Let's make it happen!!



Lizzy Nagy, Lewisport, KY
Ace Haynes
Adria Sherman, Princeton Junction, NJ
Afton Barfield
Aime, Greensboro, NC
Aine Mills, Charlotte, NC
Alexa Armstrong, Greenville, NC
Alexandra Trozzi, Concord, NC
Allean Carpenter, Charlotte, NC
Allison Garner, Matthews, NC
Allison Martin, Boone, NC
Alice Warren, Greensboro, NC
Alicia Hanes, Akron, OH
Alicia Roueché, Greenville, NC
Alyssa Karpa, NC
Amy Rogers, Charlotte, NC
Angel Butler, Charlotte, NC
Ann Roth, Raleigh, NC
April Ryan, Charlotte, NC
Ari Miller, Weddington, NC
Ashley Byerly, Akron, OH
Ashley Walker
Ashlyn Evans, Greenville, NC
Ashton Crain, Charlotte, NC
Audrey Wright, Newington, CT
Austin, CO
Ayden, Akron, OH
B. Lauterbach, NC
Bái qì Xue
Barbara Schreiber, Charlotte NC
Bailey Tatum, Charlotte, NC
Beka Butts, Greensboro, NC
Beka Hansen, Charlotte, NC
Betsy Rosen, Charlotte, NC
Billy George, Cookeville,TN
Blaire Nichols
Brianna Gardner, Charlotte, NC
Bridget Buckman, Gastonia, NC
Brittany Plummer, Charlotte, NC
Bryan Badillo, Charlotte, NC
Caitlin Cunningham, Norfolk, VA
Caitlin Malson, Fayetteville, NC
Caitlin Noelle, Boone,NC
Cameron Taylor-Brown, LosAngeles, CA
Cara Jones, Charlotte, NC
Cara Young, Nasheville, TN
Carla Eastis, Concord, NC
Carol Frazee, Charlotte, NC
Carole F. Lung, LongBeach, CA
Caroline Brandt, Morehead City, NC
Carolyn Keene, Charlotte, NC
Carolyn Klions, University of Akron
Carrie Burckle, Los Angeles, CA
Cassandra Liuzzo, Greensboro,NC
Catherine Misewicz, Charlotte, NC
Cecilia Payseur, Charlotte, NC
Chanelle Haughton, Fayetteville, NC
Chari Myers, Jamul,CA
Charlotte Bird, SanDiego, CA
Charlotte M., Greensboro, NC
Charlotte Noruzi, NYC
Charmaine, Charlotte, NC
Christi Teasley
Christina Suglio, Akron, OH
Christine McGuire
Christine Rebich, Charlotte, NC
Claire Seef, Greenville, NC
Conner, Akron, OH
Coty Armistead, Charlotte, NC
Dana Brouillard, Charlotte, NC
Daniel Handon, Charlotte, NC
Debbi Levine
, Louisville, KY
Diane Ostdiek, Gretna, NE
Dolly Johns, Matthews, NC
Doshi, Encinitas, CA

Drake Hair, Charlotte, NC
Drew Hanline, Charlotte, NC
Elisha Fleck, Charlotte, NC
Ellen Currie, Charlotte, NC
Ellen Phillips, La Mesa, CA
Elizabeth Ekey, Akron, OH
Elona Kaveshnkova
Emily Moore, Charlotte, NC
Eric Bangi, Charlotte, NC
Erica Andrews, Charlotte, NC
Fran Dorsey, Halifax,NS
Gail Fraser, Oceanside, CA
GeriForkner, TN
Georgia Foley, Charlotte, NC
Gladys Gomez, Charlotte, NC
Grace Riginos, Charlotte, NC
Grace Stott, Charlotte, NC
Haley Raines, Akron, OH
Ham Ward, Charlotte, NC
Hannah Johnson
Hart & Susan, Charlotte, NC
Heather & Bryan, Charlotte, NC
Heather Lampkins
Isaac, Charlotte, NC
James Clemmons, Greensboro, NC
Javon Jeter, Asheville, NC
Jennifer Austin, Greenville, NC
Jennifer Grace, Greensboro, NC
Jennifer Hertslet, Pittsboro, NC
JennyHanson, Charlotte, NC
Jenny Vallimont, Charlotte, NC
Jermaine Faith Guillergan, Sanford, NC
Jinna Kim, Charlotte, NC
JMW, York Co., SC
Joey K., Charlotte, NC
Jordan Kluesner, Charlotte, NC
Jordan Leicht, Charlotte, NC
Joseph Johnson, Greensboro, NC
Judy, University of Akron
Joshua Todd, Huntersville, NC
Joyce Leatherwood, Strafford, VA
Juli, Greensboro, NC
K. Spriggs, Gastonia, NC
Karen Montgomery, Charlotte, NC
Kaitlin Akers, Charlotte, NC
Kate Hess
Kathy Kokalis, Belmont, NC
Keith Bryant, Charlotte, NC
Kelly Magee, Charlotte, NC
Kelsey Crowder, Charlotte, NC
Kendall Preck, NC
Kelly Cotton, Greenville, NC
Kez Webster, Charlotte, NC
Kianna Balla, Charlotte, NC
Kim Eiger, Charlotte, NC
Kit, Greensboro, NC
Kiki, Charlotte!, NC
Kimberly Brown
Kirk Halliburton, Charlotte, NC
Kristina Warnar, Charlotte, NC
Kristen Meyer, Charlotte, nc
LaDonna Lyons, Lewisport, KY
LaTonya Washington, Charlotte, NC
Laura Feeleus, Victoria, BC
Leigh Jones, Charlotte, NC
Lexi Wilson, Richmond, VA
Linda Anderson, La Mesa, CA
Lisa Charde, Charlotte, NC
Lisa Wohl, Charlotte, NC
Liz Fitzgerald, Charlotte, NC
Lizz Baxter, Charlotte, NC
LM Wood, Graham,NC
Lori Clark, Chicago, IL
Lori Zimmerman, Los Angeles, CA
Logan, Charlotte, NC
Lynn Pollard, Atlanta, GA
M. Lavine, Sebastopol, CA

LuLu, Charlotte, NC
Mabel Garner Lybrand, Matthews, NC
Madison Kate Dunaway
Maggy Rozycki Hiltner, Red Lodge, MT
Margaret Miller, Minneapolis, MN
Mary Kilburn, Charlotte, NC
Mary Kircher, Raleigh, NC
Mary Savig, Arlington, VA
Megan & Benjamin, 
Monica, Charlotte, NC
Megan Roberts
Melanie Siegel, R Hill, Canada
MeredithBridges, Chapel Hill, NC
Michael Rohde, Westlake Village, CA
Michelle Fleshman, Charlotte, NC
Michelle Selwyn, Richmond, VA
Mike & Nikki Doty
Monte Williams, Charlotte, NC
Mykayla Long, Charlotte, NC
Natalia Bullock, Charlotte, NC
Natosha Jamison, Gastonia, NC
Pablo Sanchez, Charlotte, NC
Parks Sadler
Paul Risk & Lisa, Charlotte, NC
Paula Smith, CPCC, Charlotte
Polly Jacobs Giacchina, La Mesa, CA
Pooj Rav, Charlotte, NC
Rachel Fussell, Charlotte, NC
REB, Charlotte, NC
Rebecca Pinckney, Charlotte, NC
Reba Chatham, Charlotte, NC
Renee Garner, Matthews, NC
Renee H., Akron OH
Rick Vail, Winston-Salem, NC

Riley Atkinson, Charlotte, NC
Robin Haller, Greenville, NC
Ryann Labreche, Charlotte, NC
Rye Latham, NC
Sabrina Blanks, Charlotte, NC
Sandy Jenkin, Charlotte, NC
Sandy Vail, Winston-Salem, NC
Savannah Wiersma, Charlotte, NC
Scott Allen
Scout Rosen, Charlotte, NC
Sean Clark, Chicago, IL
Sean Lee, Cary, NC
Shari Ervin, Charlotte, NC
SheilaThompson, Toronto, ON
SheriLevin McNerthney, Maui, HI
Shira Singer, Bar Harbor, ME
Sologato, Charlotte, NC
Student Al, Charlotte, NC
Sue K. Akron, OH
Sue Perez, Alton, IL
Susan Fletcher Conaway, IN
Susan Henry, Huntington Beach, CA
SusanIverson, Hanover County, VA
Susan Moss
Stephanie Walker, Charlotte, NC
Stuart Watson, Charlotte, NC
Teagan & MOM
Tina & Joan Alberni, Charlotte, NC
Tracy T. Moore, Charlotte, NC
Tristan Williams
Ty, Charlotte, NC
Tyler Delk, Charlotte, NC
Tyler Noyes, Kannapolis, NC
Vanessa Venable, Charlotte, NC
Vivian Mahlab, Austin, TX
Will, Akron, OK
Zaria Washington, Charlotte, NC
Zipporah Camille Thompson, Grayson, GA
Zoe Holmes, Wilmington, NC

* If you notice incorrect info or typos please email me at Thanks! 

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