Andrea Vail, Bridging, 2019, Student, faculty, and staff-sourced images, hand-made tassels, dye-sublimation print on microfiber,
26" x 900"

In conjunction with Sensoria 2019, this large-scale fabric installation is the tangible representation of CPCC’s diverse community -- coming from unique experiences, converging at Central Piedmont Community College, then venturing onward. Rooted in the inter cultural and generational traditions of patterned textiles, this work, embellished with palm-sized tassels and printed with student-sourced imagery, is both inclusive of individual identities and realized as one unified fabric.

Patterns are repeated designs that can be found all around us - they mark our fabrics and home goods, jewelry, hairstyles, plants, clothing, and even the bottom of our shoes. Once you start looking, you’ll notice that pattern is everywhere! I’m interested to see the patterns that relate to your culture and identity and hope you’ll share them via instagram #CPbridging (find examples on that hashtag too).



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